FSSAI Joint Director and Deputy Director, Assistant Director (Technical) Written Exam Study Materials

This course will cover Complete Study Materials of FSSAI Joint Director and Deputy Director, Assistant Director (Technical) written Exam. The printed notes will be sent on your registered address. Study Materials can not be printed and downloaded.

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We will sent printed notes to registered address and you can study online as well:

The course will contain the following topics:

Part A – Ethics and understanding Management/ strategy/ Leadership/ Ethics or integrity related case study/ situational analysis/ Essay

Part B – Food Safety Ecosystem General understanding of food safety ecosystem- National(FSSAI, BIS, Commodity Boards, EIC, AGMARK), Indian Food Safety law, FSSAI roles and functions, Eat Right India and other initiatives of FSSAI

Part C – Functional/ Technical Knowledge

Section 3 – Food Science and Technology Food Science and Nutrition: Understanding food hazard, food borne illnesses, water and sanitation, GHP, GAP, HACCP, food allergies, Food Adulteration, Food Nutrition and Food Consciousness, Supplementation, Fortification, Bio-fortification, Genetically Modified Foods, CIB & RC, GEAC, Poor Diet and consequences: Stunting, wasting & anaemia, Life style diseases, Food testing and rapid detection methods, Accuracy and Precision in food testing. Food Safety and Quality: GMP, Auditing and inspections, Food Surveillance, Risk Analysis: Risk Assessment, Risk Communication and Management, Traceability and Recall of Food Products, Popular global cases of recall, Quality control of food at all stages of processing, Safety issues in food packaging materials, Sampling from a lot or process line, Non-destructive food quality evaluation methods, Safety issues of processed foods available in market, Global trends in Food Safety Assurance: Codex, US Food and Drug Administration and Food Safety at European Union, Harmonization of Food Safety Regulations Food Processing and Preservation: Basic principles and methods of Food Preservation: Heat processing, pasteurization, canning, dehydration, freezing, freeze drying, fermentation, microwave, irradiation and chemical additives.Refrigerated and modified atmosphere storage. Aseptic preservation, hurdle technology, alternate-thermal technologies and non thermal processing, New/Novel food additives and preservatives. Safety issues of processed foods available in market.

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